The very beginning: 2015

The very beginning: 2015

Expanding the idea: 2018

Expanding the idea: 2018

Editor: Hayley

Editor: Hayley

Danielle: Contributor

Danielle: Contributor

About Calmer Minds

Calmer Minds magazine focuses on mental health and wellbeing.

The idea was initiated in 2015, during my first summer break of university, where I was studying Multimedia Journalism. By the end of the summer I had a created a magazine called Calmer Minds, with our general concept and missions established.

  • To help people manage and improve their mental health

  • Raise awareness about mental health

  • Promote healthy well-being

I wanted to create a publication that could help everyone.

At some point we all struggle with our mental health in one way or another, whether it’s feeling down or having to manage a mental health condition - I wanted to provide people with an easy-to-read, informative, magazine that could inspire anyone who may pick it up.

Since 2015, Calmer Minds has come along way.

I recently received a first-class honours degree in Multimedia Journalism and before this point I had already I realised that my passion was in magazine design, by the end of my course I had created a prototype for Calmer Minds with the intention of launching the magazine officially.

As well as aiming to help people manage and improve their mental health, another mission of ours is to raise awareness, we think one of the best ways of doing this is by encouraging regular conversations about mental health, often people who are struggling with their mental health feel isolated and as if they are the only ones suffering. Calmer Minds aims to create a platform where people can share their stories, providing them relief in sharing their story, whilst also having the potential to inspire many people. I want everyone who is suffering with their mental health to feel as though they have somewhere to turn, someone who understands. In many ways we want the magazine to be able to do that itself, however, in time we also aim to create support groups for people, where Calmer Minds provides face-to-face support in social groups and events as well as support through the print publication, website and social media.

Calmer Minds is designed to be relevant to everyone, the magazine is packed with well-being content such as; healthy recipe’s, exercise regimes, advice from mental health professionals and well-being experts, poems and artwork, we’re confident there is something everyone can either benefit from enjoy or be inspired by.

What inspired me?

I’m not one who can sit and do nothing very well and when it came to the summer break I needed something to occupy me. I had recently learnt the basics in magazine design and being a creative person who loves working with computers, I took to this like a fish in water.

I then had to decide a topic, having struggled with my mental health throughout my life and seeing the struggle many others have also faced I decided I wanted to create something about mental health. The idea has not stopped growing since the summer it started. Whilst at university I completed work placement at the TV programme BBC Breakfast, Practical Photography magazine and Yours magazine, all of which I believe provided me with essential skills that have helped me establish Calmer Minds.

Having completed my journalism degree, achieving a first, I am now on a mission to make Calmer Minds more than a prototype, with the time to commit to launching the publication officially, I’m very excited about where this will be ins the next year. It’s still early days but we are very grateful you have joined at the start of our journey. We hope it will be a long and enjoyable ride, our goals are clear and we really hope Calmer Minds can help you in one way or another.

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Hi, I’m Danielle, social media and website contributor. I first discovered Calmer Minds in 2017 while it was still being created, I loved the idea and wanted to be a part of it in any way I could. I know what it’s like to struggle with mental health and through therapy I have learnt the importance of looking after the mind, having seen the first prototypes for Calmer Minds I felt it was a great way to help inspire people, make people feel as though they are not alone and encourage positive well-being. I know in some of my hard times Calmer Minds could have helped me, whether through distraction, advice or hearing that someone else has gone through something similar and come out the other side shining bright. I love to write, read and be artistic and feel this would be a great way to do what I enjoy while having the potential to help and inspire people.


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