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Calmer Minds focuses on mental health and well-being, aiming to raise awareness about mental health issues by offering support, knowledge and understanding through our Calmer Minds magazine, website and social media accounts.

While visiting our website you can view our helplines page should you need to speak to someone about any concerns, read our online articles, including - stories from inspirational people sharing their experiences, advice from professionals, you can learn more about mental health conditions, keep up to date with the latest mental-health news, understand how to help someone suffering with mental health problems, and find out more about yourself with our puzzles & quizzes!

If you like what you read you can also purchase a copy of Calmer Minds, in its traditional format - the printed magazine, posted straight to your door.


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We believe that it’s important to have regular space away from technology to increase positive mental health. Magazines can be a great way to take time out for yourself and have the digital detox your mind requires.

Calmer Minds magazine is available to buy, you can purchase our latest issue or previous copies. All magazines are printed with quality in mind, we want you to enjoy reading Calmer Minds. We still believe the printed publication is the best part of a magazine, providing an experience that digital can’t beat.

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An up-to-date list of mental health helplines available for you to view or print, covering a wide range of issues this could be a handy guide to have! However, if you or someone you know is struggling we would also recommend consulting your GP about the problems to ensure you get the best help possible.


Mental Health Matters

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